Growth (Acquisition)

History reminds us that business consolidation is inevitable, so why is it that most acquisitions destroy value? DAUM&CO helps businesses acquire without sacrificing profit. The management of acquisitions is probably the most complex and hardest task in business, yet the most successful organisations are the most acquisitive. The goal of a well thought-out merger remains profitable, sustainable growth, and growth is about pulling the pieces together. We can ensure this is done efficiently and correctly, and that the promise is achieved by:

— Establishing an early momentum and exploiting the opportunity created by a merger to re-engineer processes, re-segment markets, and shape a new culture

— Developing and pursuing a longer-term vision to realise valuable future options, because we know from experience that most acquisitions can achieve their potential after the deal.

Mergers may be the truest test of great leaders. Executing one is nothing short of heroic.