It’s not about what you know, but what you do with it. The idea is only the beginning, but DAUM&CO works with its clients to forge the way ahead, and to turn their aspirations into reality.

Once an organisation has the right strategy, business focus and value proposition, it must ensure that these elements are consistently upheld throughout the business. The goal is communication, continuous monitoring and a culture of accountability. It demands planning and a management system that is able to confidently lock in initiatives and inspire energy.

Without execution, strategy is like a promise unfulfilled. While strategy is about driving the delivery of products and services, execution is about the commitment of business to achieving its objectives through collective effort.

We work with clients to produce ways of monitoring and improving ongoing performance and ensuring each link in the chain remains unbroken and aligned with organisational vision. We help organisations to master the basics of clarity, competency, engagement, leadership and resource management in order to turn their best strategic plans into organisational success.

Our approach benefits clients in:

— Providing clear alignment and purpose across the organisation

— Prioritising critical events to make changes where they are most needed

— Aligning strategic priorities to operations

— Implementing and managing consistent, coordinated processes, tools, pivotal roles and
    performance management systems linked to strategic priorities

— Providing a blueprint (‘Operating System’) that allows organisations to introduce improvements
    according to agreed-upon accountabilities, measurable outcomes and required skillsets

— Performance monitoring

— Making execution a fundamental competency