DAUM&CO assists clients in charting their course to determine where they want and need to be, and how to get there. We assist in finding the right targets, determining the smartest futures, and identifying superior value proposition, which all stand behind the winning strategy. Strategy is the first step in the delivery of exceptional performance; it turns knowledge into value by converting client expertise and experience into profitable and relevant business applications that deliver ‘utility’ to customers. Strategy should start things.

For strategic planning to be worthwhile, it must be driven by a framework that recognises and embraces today’s marketplace. It must also be open to revision and focused, not on a static plan, but a resourceful, vibrant and adaptable vision. In today’s complex and rapidly changing world, strategy must be formulated with a mind to amendment, yet also be accountable to the realistic position of the company in the marketplace. A rift between aspirations and results can lead to frustration and demoralisation. The good news is that DAUM&CO can help build and revise a strategic plan that strikes a balance between aim and result.

When executed properly, the strategic process can be an extremely powerful tool. It guides and narrows the focus to specific opportunities, sources of advantage, and key executive decisions, and provides clear insights into what drives both customer and organisational value. Good strategic planning recognises that the whole is worth more than the parts and allows organisations to stay ahead of the game.

The process itself is as important as the outcome. It allows the executive to work through choices, facts, and ongoing discussions in order to promote the conditions for a new, more effective mindset built around a handful of simple, but powerful ideas. As the process unfolds, the organisation gains access to a clearer picture of resource allocation, directions for decision making and options for action.

Through strategic planning, DAUM&CO assists clients to develop principles to grow their business and take them to the top.

Our approach works because we:

— Develop deeper strategic insights

— Help our clients to preserve their options

— Help our clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their business

— Give our client organisations and their teams a head start

— Build a framework within which to scan, update and understand the future as it unfolds

— Have the capacity to imagine different futures for our clients

— Ensure that our clients are not still fighting the last war

— Give our clients the opportunity to rehearse, experiment and reflect

— Deliver on promise, with a quick and sharp execution.